Excuses for not riding

5 years ago | Fitness


I’m a User Interface (UI) designer/developer and an athlete. In a past life, not too long ago, I raced bicycles at a professional level, competing in Europe and across North America with some of the world’s fastest cyclists.


Today I completed my second bicycle ride of 2014. My 2008 self would probably throw me to the ground and kick dirt on me if he knew I was more than 6 months in to the year with only two rides. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of excuses.

      It was too cold in Pennsylvania
      I made a cross country move when the weather finally to ride
      I didn’t know the roads where I moved
      My bike needed a tune up
      Too busy unpacking and getting situated
      Running’s not a bad alternative
      I can’t ride on my lunch break

Okay, those excuses aren’t that good. My 2008 self would still kick dirt on me.

Hopefully, this is one of many rides in the second have of 2014, or else my nine-year-old self is going to get pissed too.

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