Happy Memorial Day!

5 years ago | Life


I’m a User Interface (UI) designer/developer and an athlete. In a past life, not too long ago, I raced bicycles at a professional level, competing in Europe and across North America with some of the world’s fastest cyclists.


This Memorial Day weekend my brother came down to Florida to make a two-pronged appearance. He’s got friends in Sarasota, and your’s truly here in St. Petersburg – so why not drive 15 hours through the night to make a visit?

It’s a blessing every time I see my little brother, because I only get to see my him a couple times a year. We met him on what is probably one of the best beaches in the U.S., Siesta Key. From there we spent the entire day having fun, playing inebriated pickup beach soccer and cooling off in the ocean.

A blog post will do no justice, suffice to say, it was the most fun time we’ve all had in a long, long while.

To end this post, cheers to both my grandfather’s who served in the military during WWII and have passed away. And cheers to everyone who has served and is serving in the military – all politics aside. We owe you so much gratitude. Happy Memorial Day!

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