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I’m a User Interface (UI) designer/developer and an athlete. In a past life, not too long ago, I raced bicycles at a professional level, competing in Europe and across North America with some of the world’s fastest cyclists.


Today I’m officially announcing the beta release of my new website and a rebirth of my blog at

In my sparse free time over the past year I’ve been gradually building this website from scratch. Every pixel on the front end and every line of jqeury, php, html5, and css (nerd language) has been carefully designed and coded by yours truly. I’m not using any website templates or purchased plugins, so this truly has been a fully customized project.

My custom website is way overdue. I’ve been so busy building everyone elses websites overthe past couple years that I’ve completey neglected my own. Today that has changed, so welcome to my new web home!

This release is “beta” because there’s a ton of work that needs to be done until I’m calling it complete. Of course websites are never complete and continually need to evolve with modern web standards and technology, but you get the idea. You might also notice a few bugs, glitches and placeholder sections on this site. Most of these I’m aware of and I’ll be polishing up over the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my blog up to date, because I love to write. So by all means, bookmark and keep checking back. And comment below if you like the design!

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