It’s Official: I’m running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

6 years ago | Fitness


I’m a User Interface (UI) designer/developer and an athlete. In a past life, not too long ago, I raced bicycles at a professional level, competing in Europe and across North America with some of the world’s fastest cyclists.


The headline says it all. When May 4th comes around and thousands of people line up to run 13-point-something miles in downtown Pittsburgh, I’ll be one of those lads strutting my stuff.

What’s my pace going to be – eight-minute miles, six-minute miles? I suppose we’ll see how much training I can get in. I’ll also have cycling in my training schedule for mountain bike races.

Last year I plans to run the Pittsburgh half marathon and I was training pretty good. Then I had a misunderstanding the in the registration and lost my opportunity. This year, I’m ahead of the game. I signed up Jan. 1st and I’m as registered as they come.

I can’t wait! Now it’s time to log some miles.

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